AWRN Business Meetings

AWRN’s policy and important affairs are decided by its members through the Business Meetings. All members are entitled to attend the Meetings and participate in the decision making process. Members may also join decisions through emails and other informal means.

202407 Japan Meeting
202306 Beijing meeting
202211 WEB Conference (Host:Japan)
202111 WEB Conference (Host:Japan)
202011 WEB Conference (Host:Japan)
201906 Japan meeting
201808 Sydney meeting
201706 Xitou meeting
201605 Hong Kong meeting
201507 Bali meeting
201406 Taipei meeting
201306 Taipei meeting
201209 Thai Pattaya meeting
201111 Shanghai meeting
201011 Hong Kong meeting
201005 Seoul meeting
200910 Koh Samui meeting
200905 Taipei meeting
200810 Singapore meeting
200805 Shanghai meeting