2019.07 AWRN Retreat in Japan

2019 AWRN Retreat  □Purpose of the Retreat: Exchanging views among the members of the AWRN on the pressing issues of…more

2018.08 AWRN and CIBEL joint conference in Sydney

2018  AWRN-CIBEL JOINT CONFERENCE in Sydney    □The conference theme: WTO, International economic law and emerging ch…more

2017.06  AWRN Annual Conference in Xitou

The 2017 Annual Meeting of Asia WTO Research Network June 4-7, 2017.   □Program: Click Session 1: How to preserv…more

2016.05 AWRN & CUHK Law joint conference in Hong Kong

Asia WTO Research Network (AWRN) and the Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CUHK Law) co-hosted t…more

The AWRN has new Chairperson

The AWRN held its annual event at Shonan Village Center, Hayama town, Kanagawa, Japan on July 6 and 7, 2019. In its B…more

World Economic Forum briefing notes on an inclusive trade agenda and WTO dispute settlement

The World Economic Forum released its briefing notes on an inclusive trade agenda and WTO dispute settlement at the last…more

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement- A 21st-Century Model

This book provides readers with a unique opportunity to learn about one of the new regional trade agreements (RTAs), the…more

Treaty Interpretation Under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties

This book is devoted to an idea of a second round of codification of certain new rules for treaty interpretation. Curren…more

Paradigm Shift in International Economic Law Rule-Making

The TPP  was negotiated among 12 economically diverse countries, including some most highly developed and rich countries…more

Asia’s Changing International Investment Regime

This book focuses on the Asia-Pacific region, delineating the evolving dynamics of foreign investment in the region. It …more